The 7 Budget-Busting American Whiskeys Worth Your Cash:

7 BEST HIGH-ROLLER AMERICAN WHISKEYS: HOLIDAY 2016 For my whiskey fans and I know there are a lot of you...

VLOG #6 – Beaches, Diets & The Airport – YouTube

Bermie Cuisine, Charlie’s diet, Elbow Beach & the airport job. All covered in Vlog #6.

BBC News: Shake-Up At Mariners Club –

While some cry doom and gloom, others move back home to Bermuda to start up their own unique business. Good...

VLOG #4 – YouTube

Football tennis, Hamilton, the harbour and Riddell’s Bay rainy ride.

Horseshoe Bay Concession Awarded: Chops Ltd –

The Ministry of Public Works announced that the tender for the Horseshoe Bay Concession has been awarded to Chops Ltd,...

Drinking A Little Whiskey Might Actually Help Relieve Cold Symptoms- Huff Post

You know, this time of year it is better to be safe than sorry. There’s no real cure for the...

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