iCall App Enables GSM to WiFi / VoIP Switching On The iPhone

Now here is a really interesting app coming to iPhone 2.0.

iCall is a newly announced app coming out on Apple’s App Store. It promises seamless call switching between VoIP via WiFi and regular calls. There will be no hacking involved, they are fully approved Apple developer. iCall has a two tier system with a free version and a ‘pro’ version with added features. iCall is their own service provider so don’t expect to use this application with any of your current VoIP plans like Vonage. It will be interesting to see how this will compare with other services competeing for the iPhone VoIP market. Like the previously released RingFree.

Here is their very short FAQ:

  1. We are part of the Apple iPhone developer program. This is not an application for you naughty jail breakers 😉
  2. We are not using any undocumented API calls. We are following every rule that developers must follow.
  3. No, you can not have a copy. We are not physically capable of distributing the application to any phones except our development phones. If Steve-ness himself wanted a copy we could not provide it to him. Sorry.
  4. Apple has explicitly stated that VoIP is allowed, just not over Edge networks. Steve himself answered this question in the Q&A session after the last keynote speech.
  5. We are huge Apple fans and plan to release a version of iCall for OS X, but we don’t have enough developers. (see question 6).
  6. Yes we are hiring. Please visit our jobs page. We’ll even pay for you to move to Greenwich, CT.

A video of iCall in action:

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