Michael Leverock- Cellular One in the news

Bermuda Works: The Job

Michael Leverock

Age: 47

Role: Chief operating officer, CellularOne

1) What is your job?

I am responsible for the overall management of Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd. (Cellular One). This entails oversight of all senior managers and subordinate staff, along with the company’s operations. Also, I am responsible for financial profitability and regulatory compliance and liaison. Furthermore, I am the one to internally encourage infrastructure development, and new product and service initiatives.

2) What is your favourite part of the job?

Introducing new technology and related products and services to the market. Also, I do like keeping abreast of new technology developments and innovations.

3) What is your least favourite part of the job?

The mundane and monotonous aspects of business administration.

4) What is your most interesting experience at work?

The establishment of the company from its inception (an idea on paper) through to the instant the very first customer walked through our doors when we first opened for business in 1997.

6) What would you be doing otherwise?

Not precisely sure, but it is likely I would be operating my own consulting firm somewhere outside of Bermuda.

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