NewsDesk week-ending 20/06/08

NewsDesk week-ending report

Stung by a recent OECD telecoms report, the CEOs of America’s leading ICT companies take to the stage at NXTcomm in Las Vegas to defend their industry. Plus full coverage of the annual NXTcomm exhibition and conference.

Name: Scott McNeely, Denny Strigl, Sol Trujillo, Randall Stephenson, Dan Hesse, Grant Seiffert, Zeus Kerravala, Frank Nein Title: Chairman and Co-Founder, President and COO, CEO, Chairman and CEO, President and CEO, President, SVP Enterprise Research, SVP and Co-Founder Company: Sun Microsystems, Verizon, Telstra, AT&T, Sprint Nextel, TIA, Yankee Group, Lexicon Digital Communications Recorded: 20/06/2008 – Las Vegas, USA

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